Assaults on Animal Ownership

Assaults on animal ownership are coming from many places all at once and are directed at every species. From the nightmarish Animal Identification Plan and its corresponding version for pets PAWS, at the federal level, to state and local efforts to over regulate and even render certain species of animals extinct, there is no end the assaults on our fundamental human right to own and keep animals.

Now is the time we must band together, no matter whether we are ranchers, farmers or apartment dwellers with a dog or cat, and make our displeasure known to those who are trying to make it impossible to maintain our rights to own animals.

NAIS of course, is geared to help the large meat producers who wrote much of the plan put small and medium sized farmers and ranchers out of business. More subtle because most of the legislation is at the state a local level is the attack on dogs. Extreme vigilance on our part is required or pets will become a thing of the past.